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Happy to announce: 6 winners of the contest.


Unleash Your Creative Brilliance: The LOQI Design Challenge Awaits!

At LOQI We come from different cultures, speak different languages and embrace different opinions. We value difference—it’s in our culture and in our products. That’s why LOQI bags are colourful, bold and unconventional. The bagsOEKO-TEX® certified and made from 100% recycled GreenCircle material 🌿.
LOQI collaborates with artists from around the world to bring you a wide range of the most original bag designs possible. We’ve climbed the mountains of Romania. Stumbled through the streets of Tokyo. Got lost in London and buzzed in Berlin. We’ll do just about anything to hunt down a LOQI artist. And now we are on the lookout for you 👀.
Where can you find a LOQI? From the MoMA to the TATE. You can find a LOQI just about anywhere on this tiny planet in museums, concept stores and bookshops. Finally there is enough art to go around! 

Design Specifications

So how does this work?
—Download our Product Templates 
—Choose the Bag Template 
—Keep in mind we could also print the design on other shapes and sizes
—Or other materials from recycled to tyvek, metallic, reflective or transparent
—Artwork is 300 dpi minimum 50 cm width × 70 cm in height
—Or an AI or EPS vector file with maximum 8 colours
—Minimum line width in the artwork 0,8 mm
—Feel free to design the back and front of the bag differently
—Get inspired by our LOQI Custom References
—Send us your artwork to 

Your artwork can be an existing design from your portfolio but we kindly request that it is exclusive for bag designs. LOQI is renowned for being an impulse buy, so a spontaneous positive reaction to your design is the key to capturing our fan's hearts ❤️.

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Get inspired by the great designs!