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LOQI × Ruohan Wang

About the Artist

Image by Lexi Sun


Ruohan Wang is an illustrator, painter and visual artist based in Berlin, Germany. She studied illustration by prof. Henning Wagenbreth in the Berlin University of Art (UdK), and graduated in 2017 with Meister Schueler title. Her work focuses on the interactive experiment between illustration, objective and improvisational aesthetics which extend on universal medium and scales.

Her work has been exhibited in the ministry of illustration Berlin in 2017 and Cheng Art Museum Beijing in 2018 and Art Beijing in 2018. In 2020 she has released her sneaker collaboration with Nike, which were made from at least 50% recycled natural leather fibers. From 2020 she teaches as a thesis advisor in School of Visual Arts (New York) and works on her upcoming exhibition in China in 2021.


“I have been working on prints and painting, public art and installation, fashion and object. For me they are different medium and scales, but the same topic: “Time, Movement and Energy Transformation” in different work areas. It seems very broad, but it could describe specific scenes since everything is in the transformation by doing and moving, some positive some negative. And I want to present the beautiful interaction between human and nature.” 


Ruohan Wang's Collaboration with LOQI

Image by Lexi Sun 

“The artwork I designed on the LOQI bag is named “Ruohan Wang - Parallel World”. We see ourselves as individuals and we are also the same in the Anthropocene world. It’s an artistical worldview, from there we can review the influences from ourself as individual to the world and also define equality of reincarnation of humanity.”