Passion. Paint. Pollock.

LOQI Jackson Pollock - Shopping Bag, Backpack

Drips and dots. Sprays and splashes. Fast flashes and daring dashes.
Express yourself with the energetic expressionism from America’s mid-century master, Jackson Pollock.

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LOQI Jackson Pollock - Shopping Bag, Backpack


A bold statement with a distressed vibe.

Energetic. Emotive. Eager. The bucket-pouring and stick-manoeuvring painter was nicknamed ‘Jack the Dripper’ for his love of signature splashes and sublime splatters.



Homage to The Troublemaker.

Famed Flings. Dreamy Drips. Drastic Drops. Pollock continues making his mark in fashion, inspiring the paint-splashed collection of Dolce&Gabbana and the art-filled performance of Alexander McQueen.


LOQI Reflective Bag Backpack Zip Pocket

Paint with his absolutely amazing abstract expressionism >