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LOQI Designer – Erik Kessels

LOQI Designer Erik Kessels

Erik Kessels is a Dutch artist, curator, collector and designer. He is also the creative director of KesselsKramer, an advertising agency based in Amsterdam, which he founded with Johan Kramer. Erik Kessels’ work is nothing less than outrageously hilarious.

LOQI Erik Kessels Collection

Casually unusual. Unimaginatively imaginative. Dotted with delightful detours.
Play your way down Eric Kessles’ extraordinarily unordinary Things to Pack collection.

LOQI Erik Kessels Collection

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LOQI Interviews Erik

Q. A museum nobody should miss?
A. The Dali Museum in Figueras, Spain.

Q. Craziest place in Amsterdam?
A. Any one of the many circular metal public toilets along the canals.

Q. An exceptional place around the world?
A. Das Financeämbchen Korean restaurant in Düsseldorf, Germany.

Q. What's the secret of creativity?
A. Making a lot of deliberate mistakes.

Q. What's your favourite quote?
A. “Life is too short to spend it with @**holes.” - unknown

Q. What song best describes you work ethic?
A. “The Chase is Better than the Catch” by Motörhead.

Q. What kitchen utensil would you be?
A. A knife.

Q. Pick two celebrities to be your parents.
A. Demi Moore and Roberto Benigni.

Artworks by Erik Kessels

Artworks by Erik Kessels