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Sagmeister & Walsh

Beauty: Making the world a better place

© Sagmeister & Walsh.  

What is beauty?
What is your definition of beauty?

Beauty gets us out of bed in the morning and is the reason for our exhaustion late at night: we search for it every second of our existence. It demands our attention, our ambition, our skills, our spirit, our heart, our soul. It demands our life. We should be prepared to die for it.

© Sagmeister & Walsh.

Exploring a magical concept

In their exhibition project “Sagmeister & Walsh: Beauty”, renowned graphic designers and illustrators Stefan Sagmeister and Jessica Walsh set out on a mission to explore the magical concept of beauty. The exhibition is presented by MAK, Vienna, and the Museum Angewandte Kunst, Frankfurt am Main.

© Sagmeister & Walsh.

We experience positive
emotions when we see beauty

© Sagmeister & Walsh.

Beauty is more than
a superficial strategy

Backed by findings in psychological aesthetics, Sagmeister & Walsh argue that beauty is more than just a superficial strategy or an abstract concept. It has a pervasive influence on our everyday lives: when we see beauty, our senses are stimulated, and we experience positive emotions. Moreover, as displayed in the exhibition area “Transforming Beauty”, featuring the installation From Garbage to Functional Beauty by the French designer Thierry Jeannot, beauty even has the power to make the world a better place.

"The antithesis of beauty is not ugliness,
it is carelessness."

— Stefan Sagmeister

Join us as we continue to challenge assumptions surrounding the concept of ‘beauty’ by questioning what it means to you.

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