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LOQI x Levine/Leavitt

LOQI recently banded together with international artist management agency Levine/Leavitt for a product collection that is guaranteed to make you smile, stand out, or all of the above! Levine/Leavitt represents a diverse roster of award winning artists and we’ve brought together 10 of their illustrators for this special collection. The artists’ work spans a wide range, from pattern design and character illustration, to typography and paper craft. Each one brings a different flavor, a fresh approach, and an individual sense of style to the collection.
Join us as we introduce you to each of the artists and their unique designs in the LOQI x L/L Collection. Let’s go!

Owen Gildersleeve

Award winning UK artist Owen Gildersleeve handcrafts all of his designs with layers of cut paper. His artwork ‘Hello!’ is a gorgeously graphic greeting that invokes joy into the salutation. It’s the kind of item you’ll never want to say good bye to!

Pomme Chan

Illustrator Pomme Chan comes to us from Bangkok bearing gifts of Thai florals and forest scenes. The natural worlds of plants and animals are a major influence in her work and encourages us to embrace our wild side.

Steven Wilson

Spread the good news of Love and Hope with Steven Wilson’s artwork. Known for his pop art influenced style, Steve’s work always invokes the sensation of joy and this piece is no different. It was created using one of Wilson's bespoke alphabets during the recent lockdowns as a positive message to everyone.

Craig & Karl

Craig & Karl are a duo working across the Atlantic ocean on a variety of collaborative creative works but always rooted in an evolving exploration of color, pattern, shape and texture. Enjoy a taste of their vast universe on any one of their two artworks in the LOQI x L/L collection.

Daniel Ramirez Perez

Berlin based illustrator Daniel Ramirez Perez lives and breathes all things easy peasy lemon squeezy, never stressy depressy, lemon zesty. So, when life gives you lemons, his LOQI bag offers enough space and the right attitude to deal with them all. Just allow it to infuse you with good vibes while keeping all your items together!


Brosmind is the creative power duo that are the Mingarro brothers. They are real life brothers in Barcelona who have worked together since childhood. Brosmind is known for their playful sense of humor, unflinching
attention to detail, and love of food! That said, they’ve brought Bad Boy Broccoli and Slasher the Slice to life for their LOQI x L/L collection contribution. Which side will you choose?