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Reflective Collection

Reasons to Love Reflective

Reflective – the material everyone loves right now. In daylight, reflective bags look like a metallic grey surface. But in the face of a flashlight, headlights, or camera flash, reflective does not scatter the light as fabric ordinarily would. It flashes the light right back to the source. Ever changing, always beautiful. Discover the LOQI reflective bag and learn more about the mysterious material.

The Fashion Trend of the Moment

Be on trend and stay on trend with reflective. It’s a hype which keeps on evolving. This innovative material has made the journey from the worksite, to the streets and even to high fashion. Military and biker trends have been on the catwalk before and now it’s workwear’s turn.

We are now a long way from subtle reflective strips on shoes, and even from reflective hems and trims. Reflective fabric inserts have transformed into all-out reflective. You don’t have to look far to find a reflective bomber jacket or pair of eye-catching trousers. These are staples in burgeoning streetwear. The technical outerwear and performance wear edge to reflective add an industrial accent to the look.

Secret Superpower Surprises

Forward-looking and tech-savvy, designers are now imagining more possibilities with reflective than ever before. Luxurious and down to earth, it’s an innovative material which is constantly being restyled. The statement accessory from LOQI is another dimension of what is possible with this fabric.
The reflection of the sun. As day turns to night. Reflective makes an outfit pop. Expect the unexpected with the reflective tote bags from LOQI. This material is full of surprises. Just find the right light and the material literally transforms into a silver flash. You just cannot miss it. What other material has that level of sparkle? 
A touch of high-tech, sci-fi dystopia which this futuristic fabric adds to any look. Wear white for a sleek and glamorous luxe evening look. Or add neon drama to your accessories. Feeling braver? Then make a dramatic statement with colour blocking – with a dose of sass. Not far enough? Inject colour with iridescent for an ever-changing look. Own it.

Your LOQI reflective bag will be also happy when you go for minimal styling. It makes the fabric come to the fore. Imagine it rounding off your casual style. Set the sheen of the reflective finish against minimalist design. The reflective tote bags from LOQI fit into an urban and modern setting. Integrating sports and outdoor elements also alludes to the origins of the reflective material. It belongs at the intersection of fashion and athletics. Take it wherever you’re heading.
The reflective material has an exclusive feel but it is not age or gender-specific. Check out the fabric of the reflective bag and zip pockets. You won’t go unnoticed.
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