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This Milky Bag is One of a Kind

Find uniqueness – the LOQI milky bag.

It’s a teasing take on the totally transparent.

The calm version of the full exposure.

It´s true, it´s magic.


Transformative textiles

This bag has a distinctive identity. It’s the clear transparent look, but exclusive. Be both fresh and on trend with this new treasured type of transparent. The look of this material gives a special feel to any outfit. Imagine soft chiffon. Cloudy lemonade. And to the touch, it’s smooth, silky and sleek.
This transparent bag transforms its contents, whatever they are and however they are arranged, if at all. Embrace the beauty of imperfection and cast away the tightrope walk. Play with the unconventional. Throw items into your milky and let the tote bag become your frame. Watch as the almost-transparent material reframes the random and brings harmony to the whole. It is the visual which sets the mood, creates the emotion and shapes perceptions. In this transparent bag, your fluffy jumper has a silky finish, your books are glossy and your laptop is gleaming. Having a lot to carry never looked so chic.

A blank canvas

The hunt for the perfect bag never ends, and customization is the latest solution. This LOQI bag lends itself to customization and versatile outfit styling. Let your imagination run wild. The colour and the style depend on what essentials you select. The tables have turned. Reinvent the bag each time you reach for it. Play with the beauty of subtlety. The game of seeing, almost seeing and losing sight. And always pack in new surprises. 
Adopt an authentic, effortless air by packing the bag just before you run out the door. Or mix up your look by adding gold accents. Showcase your shiny metallic make-up case, phone case, purse or lipstick. Let your treasures take center stage. Keep your smaller chic bag dry and dazzling in unexpected showers. Or pack in some items to tone in with the shades of your outfit. Are you ready to create some unexpected pops of color?
Satisfy your addiction for LOQI designs with the bag in the bag: Just reach for what takes your fancy in the collection of LOQI zip pocket sets. The artwork on the zip pocket will peep through the tinted finish and add another artsy touch to your look. We love the red vivid of the Big Apple in a milky! Check out the Keith Haring New York Zip Pockets. Another great option are the Kristjana S Williams Interiors World Map Zip Pockets. They are sure to make you feel keen to travel (and try out some adventurous deep-sea diving). Be playful.
Full freedom with this truly artistic semi-transparent bag.
This way to your One of a Kind milky